Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TV journal 5

I had lot of fun to watch CSI : New-York. This program helped me to build my English skills. My vocabulary is more varied and I learn very much on the technical words of investigation. If you are interested by learning English in specific field you must choose a program about what you want to learn, and that’s what I did. I recommend this show to the other students. CSI has a good suspense and good characters. If you liked TV program with cops and clue, you will love it. I looked the comments of my class partner on my blog and they like my TV show.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CSI : New-York, episod 4

I’m the FBI agent Mac Taylor of New-York city. Yesterday, that was a normal day, but I got a call of my boss. Human bones were found in a tourist bus. Everybody of my team was thinking that was a joke, but we made a DNA test and these bones were real. I asked at the bus driver and he wanted to make a joke. He found these bones in a dark street. He was thinking that was phoney. I made my research and I found one hair in the clothes of the victim. This hair matched with the hair of a serial killer. I toke one hair of the bus driver and that matched. He was arrested and now, I’ll go to sleep.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CSI New-York, episode 2

This weak, the episode of CSI : New-York talks about murder (wow, what a surprise!). In the episode, a woman go at a party with blood in his face and a skratched dress. She was transported in a ambulance. The detective Mack inquires on this murder. His team found some clues in a park. The girl was in the park when she was attacked. They found DNA (sperm). The girls was attacked and raped. The sperm founded in the park was faked. Mack questionned all the man who work in the park, but the girl don't want to see the suspect. A dead body was founded in another park. The murderer was the same. The detective thougt to question the gardener of this park. They founded the sperm on the clothes he was wearing the day of the murder. They founded the murderer, but the girl still in shock.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CSI : New-York

For my TV journal, I chose CSI : New York. I chose it, because it’s interesting and I think it is a good program to build my English comprehension. There are many technical terms in crime investigation in CSI, and it helps me to understand a specific language.

I watched the first episode of CSI: New-York. In this, we have the transition between CSI: Miami and CSI: New York (the city changes according to the season). A murder was made in Miami, but the same murderer was in New York. The victims have similar wounds. The victims of Miami were the parents of sixteen years old girls, and the detective makes him a promise, to catch the murderer. But, he can’t do it alone. Well, he asked for some help from the detective of New York (Mack Taylor). there is no weapon found on the crime scene. The victims have similar wounds, but not with the same weapon. There are two murderers. The detective of New York found some blood on a key. The key belonged to the Master the hotel. He killed the victims in New York, because the killer of Miami didn’t kill the right family (he was committed by the Master the hotel). The Master of hotel was registered in the will of the victims. The two detectives found their murderers and the detective of Miami take his word.